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What you should know about selecting a computer service company


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Picking a Computer Service Company Shouldn't Be Like Spinning a Roulette Wheel

But it certainly feels that way

There are 97 listing in the local Yellow Pages for
Computers - Service and Repair

67 of those list only the name, address and phone number

Most of the remaining 30 say only "We fix this, this, and this.  Period!"

How can you possibly make an informed decision about who to call
when you need help with your computer when this is all the
information you have to work with?

What about viruses?  Spyware?  Home Page Hijackers?
Do they service Residential Clients?  Home Office?  Small Business?
Do they do On-Site service?  What about On-Site Residential Service?
Do they service networks?  Wireless Networks?
And all the other questions you have!

For answers to these questions and more, click on the red arrow below for a FREE brochure on what to look for when selecting a computer service company.  Or, call us at 952-934-3606.  Or check the FAQ  page for the answer.

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